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Hefei Lucky Science and technology company(herein after referred to as “Hefei Lucky”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Lucky Cooperation, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in scientific research, development and production of optical polyester film and functional film materials in China.

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Optical PET Film

including optical polyester film of FG series, pre-coated primer optical film of PG series, and pre-coated primer anti-static polyester film of PF series . It has the advantages of high transmittance, low haze, high gloss, and good coating performance. They are mainly used in the field of diffusion film, brightening film, anti-static protective film in high-end LCD, protective film in touch panel and flexible display.

Optical Functional PET Film

including functional film for backlight module, functional film for LCD module and functional film for screen protection. Functional films for backlight modules include RG2/CRG type reflective films, CD type diffusion films and CP1020 type composite films; functional films for LCD modules include CH8 type polarizer surface treatment films and CA type polarizer protection films; functional films for surface protection include CH type hardened films with anti-glare, anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint characters. They are mainly used in the field of backlight modules, polarizers, touch modules and screen protection for LCD displays.

New Energy PET Film

The new energy film includes FE series solar backsheet base film. It has excellent moisture and heat resistance, UV resistance, water vapor barrier and insulation properties, and it also has good mechanical properties, dimensional stability and adhesiveness. The product is widely used in solar module of various structures and various outdoor films.

Industrial PET Film

including FP series for protection or release base films, FF series anti-static films, FC series color films and FJ series insulating whitening films. The products have the advantages of excellent heat resistance, good dimensional stability and high cleanliness. They are mainly used in high-grade card protection, release protection, processing protection, labeling, motor insulation, highway reflection and other industries.

Decorative PET Film

including LK paint surface protection film, plate decorative film, LE type EVA laminated film series. The paint surface protective film also have high hardness, scratch resistance, yellowing resistance, oil stain resistance, transparency and good elasticity. Sheet decorative film is divided into two kinds of transparent film, high gloss and skin feeling, with high hardness, scratch resistance, stain resistance and moisture resistance. EVA laminating film has the advantages of high transparency, high adhesion, good moisture resistance, low melting point and easy bonding.

Polyester Chips

The main products include base type polyester chips for optical films, transparant polyester chips, polyester chips for high-speed films, etc. The products are widely used in optical PET films for display, optical functional films for display, industrial thin films, decorative films, textile and garments, etc. They have excellent characteristics such as environmental protection, easy processing, good color phase and stable quality.

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